• Valentine’s day theme ideas for a party with friends

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    May 30, 2016 /  Coupons

    Fancy a fancy dress party. The best thing about having a Valentine’™s day party with friends is that you can plan hundreds of themes. From fancy dress to Halloween, ideas are endless. You can have a costume party or a fairy tale themed party so as to have limitless fun. When it comes to fancy dress theme, the choices are endless. You can have a cop and robber fancy dress theme, and organize a treasure hunt. The girls can dress as cops and the men as robbers. Robbers try to get to the treasure hunt while the cops do everything to stop or distract them. That sounds super fun and even naughty, right?

    Heart and its affairs

    Another apt theme for a Valentine’s day party can be ˜affairs of heart™. You can organize games that will help reveal the matters of heart of the contestants. For this theme, you can even plan the Valentine’s day party supplies and decorations likewise, with wall hangings in the shape of hearts, having heart-shaped cutouts or having plates, cutleries and even wearables in the shape of hearts. All this will add to the fun and make the celebrations extra special. So, what are you still waiting for?

    Valentine’™s Day – A garland of hearts for that vacant space

    Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to love. Love it special and so is the day. Make that place you live in very special looking by decorating it using amazing Valentine’s day party supplies and decorations. Get a little creative. Use things lying around the home, like old yarns, pillows, old love letters, and whatever you want to.

    Turn that home into a love den. See his heart melt away. Are you the artsy or the crafty kind? Then you have all the more reason to do things that will allow you to use your creativity.

    A simple yet nice looking idea is to punch hearts from colored paper and hang them in the air using a fishing line.

    Buy a punch, colored paper and punch as many hearts you need to fill the space. Instead of using one color, many colors will work great. You can even use a yarn length to stick the hearts onto and then hang it from the fishing line. There is a good website which tells you exactly how to do it but you can use your imagination too. A floating heart backdrop for the living room or the space where it looks best in your home. Get your Valentine’™s day party supplies and decoration ideas from Pinterest.