• Having Casseroles When You Are Pregnant

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    It is good to have a few casseroles in your freezer when your baby arrives. Casseroles are convenient because you can freeze them in foil pans (which you can dispose of after cooking, saving you from doing dishes as well as from having to cook) and because they require no intervention–just take them straight out of the freezer, turn the oven on and put them in.

    Unfortunately casseroles don’t freeze easily, and you can’t keep them for long. If your postpartum meal plan includes casseroles, make sure you follow a few simple rules:Cook casseroles last, a week or two before your due date. Remember that even a casserole that has been correctly sealed prior to freezing isn’t going to keep well for longer than a few weeks, so you don’t want to make and store these too early in your pregnancy. Freeze all of your casseroles in the same size foil pan. This will make it much easier to stack them in your freezer.

    Devote one shelf in your freezer to casseroles. Casseroles are bulky, so they take up a lot of precious space in your freezer. If you have a single shelf devoted to your casseroles you won’t have to worry about where to put each one as it is made. Freeze your casseroles correctly. Nothing is more important to maintaining the quality of a casserole than correctly freezing it. Storing in tight plastic dinnerware sets might help. Make sure you wrap your casserole tightly with aluminum foil, and allow as little air as possible between the top of the casserole and the foil. Date them so you know which ones went into the freezer first, and store them at 0 degrees F. When freezing a cooked casserole, make sure you remove it from the oven 10 to 15 minutes earlier than you would if serving it (the casserole will finish cooking in the oven the day you remove it from the freezer).

    Eat casseroles first, right after your baby is born. If you dip into your casserole stash before tackling soups, stews and other frozen meals, you’ll do two things for yourself and your family: you’ll guarantee that your meals will be free of freezer burn and other degradations that happen after too much time in the freezer and you’ll free up space for other frozen goods you might want to pick up to extend the time before you have to start cooking again, such as pizzas and ready-made lasagnas. Eat them in reverse order, oldest first.

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